Saturday, December 17, 2005

Today is a week before Christmas eve!

Boy, we have been busy, and ds and I both have a cold. He has not been napping much lately, but often instead passes out early. Of course, then he needs me to stay with him to stay asleep. Today he feel asleep at 6:30, then awoke 45 minutes later. I don't know what's up with him. I think he's not been doing as well lately, and I think we need to start him on regular doses of enzymes, maybe No Phenol and Zyme Prime or something. He was doing better, but lately his
sleep has been terrible. He tends to eat a ton of fruit, which has a lot of phenols in it, so I'm wondering if that could be affecting him. Also, he had the runs today, second day in a row. Can't help wondering whether it's the store bought smoothies he's been drinking, usually I make my own and those don't have that effect. Who knows what they put in the bottled stuff, and
it's pasteurized, so all the normal natural enzymes are gone. I need to go to Minea Farm and get some more raw cider, and make our own smoothies again. They taste so much better, anyway.
Boy, am I tired! I could use a nap myself. I will go now to try to buy those enzymes. I have been working too hard at this diet, it's left me wrung out.