Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hey there, ho there, hi there! December is almost over!

So, for those who observe it how was everybody's Christmas? And what about the other winter holidays? I happened to be born on the Solstice, so for me, that was doubly special. I'm not really a pagan or a Christian or anything, although I was raised in the Unitarian Universalist Church, but this time of year does seem special, just because the sun sets so early and it's so cold. Would it seem that way were it summer, like it is in the Southern hemisphere? June here is special in its own way, what with the sun setting at like 10:00 PM.

Are my December holiday associations so Christian based? I don't know. I do know we celebrated Christmas at home this year, as usual. Up until my mom died, I almost always spent the Christmas holidays with my mother and brother, so I think part of it is that I always got to spend that time with her, and got to see my best friend, Stacy at the same time, since they lived in the same town. But also, our culture definitely has a thing for December, not the least of which is all the shopping people do. I think generosity at this time of year is great, although I think a lot of it is wasted on those who don't really need anything (myself included) material. It would be better if we all spent our time and money feeding the indigent or something.

Anyway, I have been taking enzymes with every meal, along with Betaine HCL, and still doing the SCD diet religiously. Although we are kind of ahead on the introductions stuff, in terms of introducing a lot of raw fruits, mostly because ds demands them (in the produce section, he goes crazy, wanting all kinds of stuff, and since he's denied so many other things, like candy, cookies, crackers, bread, etc., I am kind of a pushover with fruit). I have been experiencing constipation lately, which I attribute to eating kind of irregularly and maybe also the fruit, although I'm not eating nearly as much as ds is. Today I ate the following:
avocado, tomato, and cheese omelet (ds only ate one bite, so I had a lot)
1/2 a banana (what ds left)
2 tsp. cod liver oil
1 tsp. virgin coconut oil
?? I think I skipped it by mistake!
some of ds's fruit salad from the Whole Foods salad bar
beet greens

Does that seem sparse? I never felt hungry, although I am tired. I thought that was just because we went shopping this afternoon at Whole Foods, and it was a marathon session, due to having to run around after ds while he explored the store, and to being a general space cadet and having to go from one end to the other and back to get what I wanted. I ended up spending over 140, and that's with no processed foods except for some freeze dried fruit that ds had to have (again, an alternative to candy).
Fruit sugar causing obesity??
Speaking of fruit, I saw where there was a study done that said that eating a lot of fructose can cause obesity. It was based on rat tests I think, and apparently didn't distinguish between actual fruit and fructose extracted from corn, like high fructose corn syrup, yet with the Specific Carbohydrate diet, fruit is allowed but not corn syrup or fructose. What's the deal with that? I find it highly unlikely that fruit can cause obesity -- ds eats a ton, but he's skinny as a rail! They ought to make a distinction next time!