Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carbohydrates are addictive - people choose death over cutting them

This poor blog is so neglected. I just don't have much time to post, although I do think of things to say often. I just wanted to post this interesting post by the co-author of Protein Power, about how people who were put on a low carbohydrate diet to fight cancer couldn't do it, even though they'd already been through chemotherapy and radiation. I find this to be true for me, that carbohydrates can be very addictive, and also that the more I eat, the more I want. Especially with grains and sugars -- I gain multiple pounds if I add them in even moderate amounts.

Trouble is, I'm running out of low carbohydrate foods that appeal to me -- what with cheese giving me migraines, most nuts being migraine triggers for me, the one nut that isn't, almonds, coming up as an allergen in my blood allergy test, and eggs also coming up as something I'm allergic to. That basically leaves meats and non-starchy vegetables, which I have done before (as an anti-yeast diet), but I can't really afford enough high-quality meat to fill me up (and cheap meat just grosses me out). Oh, and green vegetables are high in oxalates, in general, which seem to be a problem for me. At least, my symptoms match some of the oxalate problems on the Low Oxalate website.