Wednesday, January 31, 2007

gratitude and joy for 1/30/07

(I'm actually writing this on the 31st, but that's because I couldn't get on the computer last night)
Things I'm grateful for:
1. Having DH, who went into work late and left early to help out while ds and I were sick, for a husband.
2. Having Chasmyn, who is sending me "The Secret" video and another CD whose title escape me, for a friend.
3. Becka calling me to talk even though she doesn't like to use the phone.
4. DS's birth, which was a miracle in more ways than one.
Things from 1/30/07 that brought me joy:
1. Holding my son in my lap while we read a book together
2. Seeing the blue sky and sun shining
3. Feeding ds frozen blueberries
4. Eating yogurt with frozen blueberries