Thursday, February 22, 2007

Messages of Love

Messages of Love
This is a website by a really cool mama who sends out messages of love to people. They are way cool.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Isn't this a cool drawing?

My friend Chasmyn introduced me to this artist, William M Perry, who is selling his drawings on Ebay. He's selling them every week so if you sign up to see his new stuff, you will get a new image in your email every week. Pretty cool, huh? And he also sold a cool love poem called "Until Bananas Turn to Ink" which he wrote and illustrated and self-published, and it's really awesome. I bought a copy for DH for Valentine's day and he loved it. I just wish I'd left more positive feedback -- I was stressed and rushed so it was a bit terse: "item in good condition" was all. Oops!

Save money going to college Video!

I don't have the patience to listen to this guy, but the idea sounds cool -- go to college for $11 per day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

gratitude entry for today, 2/14/07

I am grateful for a loving, handsome husband, and wonderful, attached son, great friends, and a healthy, sound body. I am grateful to have a nice place to call home, lots of good food, and fun things to do. I am grateful to be able to stay home with my son full time, and to be able to get around with him in our car regularly. I am grateful to have a mommy's group that meets regularly relatively close by, and to be able to spend time with them and their kids. I love kids!
Things that brought me joy today included going to a mommy's group Valentine's party and seeing C play with the other kids and eat whatever they were serving without any unusual reactions (sure, he was hyper, but so would any kid who ate the sugar and stuff they had). Being with my husband and son brought me a great deal of joy in different ways. I really enjoy seeing C laugh and smile, and playing magic tricks with him really makes him excited, which I love to see. Loving DH and celebrating Valentine's Day as a couple really brought me joy too.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I love Hanna Andersson!

Here is a bid I missed on ebay for C's favorite jammies, Hanna Andersson -- his favorite are the striped ones. They make cute prints, too, but they aren't as soft or durable as the striped ones. That is especially important when you buy them used -- the prints are usually at least slightly faded and definitely don't last as long. Anyway, I need to figure out the best way to win an ebay auction without driving up the price, because these things can get pretty spendy if you keep bidding on them. I can get them new at the outlet store for $28.00, although they aren't always available in the size we want. So I don't want to spend more than say, 20 bucks, shipping included, on them on ebay, but often the bids get way high on the popular ones. I intend to have good jammies for a decent price.

We love Hanna's long johns!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reiki - long distance healing

Reiki healing
So, this blogger can do long-distance healing with Reiki via instant messenger. What an interesting idea, using modern technology to use an ancient healing technique. Reiki is supposed to be really good for pregnant women and for childbirth. Supposed to help a woman get in touch with her feminine energy.

This is a strange thought: I wonder if that's why I have infertility? I sure have had a hard time getting in touch with my feminine energy. I was kind of a tomboy growing up, but mainly in the sense that I didn't like my hair long or to wear dresses. I didn't like my hair long because I had a sensitive scalp, and I didn't like dresses because I felt exposed in them. I did like to climb trees, and I did play with trucks, but I think that was at least in part because I didn't like dolls (they scared me) and I wasn't left with much else to play with. I wasn't into sports, and I didn't take to things like car repair or woodworking. But I never fit in with the girls with all their gossip and such. At least in part because I didn't have any early friends who were girls, so I never learned to relate to them.
Does that explain my infertility? That I just never felt like a girl? I doubt it, there are plenty of butch or tomboy women, lesbians and otherwise, who get regular periods and ovulate. It could be the endocrine system problems I have are a result of toxins, which also caused my scalp sensitivity and maybe even my fear of dolls. Who knows?
Now, to try to turn all this musing stuff around: I would like to put more energy into directing my mind at what I want from life, rather than what I'm not getting.

the Lactivist

The Lactivist -- a website by a mom who is a lactivist -- an activist for breastfeeding. Her latest post is about how she got sued by the National Pork Board for selling a shirt with the slogan: "Breastmilk: the other white milk" (because they were saying it made pork look bad somehow! Anyway, she changed the slogan to "Breast: the original white milk" and the pork board apologized and donated money to a mother's milk bank.
Pretty crazy stuff.
What I think is cool is that not only is she a lactivist for breastfeeding, but she's also a work-at-home mom. To do that takes a lot of organizational skill and energy. How does one do it? I'd like to watch her one day just to see how she copes.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gratitude and joy, dude!

I keep typing "gratidute" or "gratidude" so I thought I'd just make a silly joke. I am tired, so it's easy to entertain me.
Here are some things I noted today to be grateful for:
1. Having the sun come out today -- in winter, sun is a rarity up here, so you need to enjoy every bit you get of it.
2. Being able to brush my teeth and get them clean.
3. The smell of soapy water as I wash dishes.
4. My friends, who are so supportive and helpful.
5. C, my wonderful son, who teaches me something new every day
6. My wonderful husband, who will play with C in a different way than I do.
7. Having a washer and dryer in our apartment! Yes! I grew up going to laundry mats, and hated it. Never had a washer/dryer until moving in with DH. No more dragging baskets of laundry down the street!
8. Having a car that can get us where we need to go. I only bought my first car a little over 10 years ago. Before that, it was bus, bike, and/or walking. Of course, when I lived in San Francisco, that was fine, but it made it hard to get out of town.

Things I did today that brought me joy:
1. Going to Farrel McWhirter Park to see the animals. There are baby chicks there now, and C just loved watching them peck and scratch and huddle under the heat lamp.
2. Washing dishes and getting them clean.
3. Holding C while he slept
4. Reading to C
5. Seeing Dh come in the door tonight.
6. Watching videos with C sitting next to me. Or lying next to me nursing. Yes, he's almost 4 and still a nursling!