Friday, February 02, 2007

Gratitude and joy, dude!

I keep typing "gratidute" or "gratidude" so I thought I'd just make a silly joke. I am tired, so it's easy to entertain me.
Here are some things I noted today to be grateful for:
1. Having the sun come out today -- in winter, sun is a rarity up here, so you need to enjoy every bit you get of it.
2. Being able to brush my teeth and get them clean.
3. The smell of soapy water as I wash dishes.
4. My friends, who are so supportive and helpful.
5. C, my wonderful son, who teaches me something new every day
6. My wonderful husband, who will play with C in a different way than I do.
7. Having a washer and dryer in our apartment! Yes! I grew up going to laundry mats, and hated it. Never had a washer/dryer until moving in with DH. No more dragging baskets of laundry down the street!
8. Having a car that can get us where we need to go. I only bought my first car a little over 10 years ago. Before that, it was bus, bike, and/or walking. Of course, when I lived in San Francisco, that was fine, but it made it hard to get out of town.

Things I did today that brought me joy:
1. Going to Farrel McWhirter Park to see the animals. There are baby chicks there now, and C just loved watching them peck and scratch and huddle under the heat lamp.
2. Washing dishes and getting them clean.
3. Holding C while he slept
4. Reading to C
5. Seeing Dh come in the door tonight.
6. Watching videos with C sitting next to me. Or lying next to me nursing. Yes, he's almost 4 and still a nursling!

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