Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the Lactivist

The Lactivist -- a website by a mom who is a lactivist -- an activist for breastfeeding. Her latest post is about how she got sued by the National Pork Board for selling a shirt with the slogan: "Breastmilk: the other white milk" (because they were saying it made pork look bad somehow! Anyway, she changed the slogan to "Breast: the original white milk" and the pork board apologized and donated money to a mother's milk bank.
Pretty crazy stuff.
What I think is cool is that not only is she a lactivist for breastfeeding, but she's also a work-at-home mom. To do that takes a lot of organizational skill and energy. How does one do it? I'd like to watch her one day just to see how she copes.

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