Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reiki - long distance healing

Reiki healing
So, this blogger can do long-distance healing with Reiki via instant messenger. What an interesting idea, using modern technology to use an ancient healing technique. Reiki is supposed to be really good for pregnant women and for childbirth. Supposed to help a woman get in touch with her feminine energy.

This is a strange thought: I wonder if that's why I have infertility? I sure have had a hard time getting in touch with my feminine energy. I was kind of a tomboy growing up, but mainly in the sense that I didn't like my hair long or to wear dresses. I didn't like my hair long because I had a sensitive scalp, and I didn't like dresses because I felt exposed in them. I did like to climb trees, and I did play with trucks, but I think that was at least in part because I didn't like dolls (they scared me) and I wasn't left with much else to play with. I wasn't into sports, and I didn't take to things like car repair or woodworking. But I never fit in with the girls with all their gossip and such. At least in part because I didn't have any early friends who were girls, so I never learned to relate to them.
Does that explain my infertility? That I just never felt like a girl? I doubt it, there are plenty of butch or tomboy women, lesbians and otherwise, who get regular periods and ovulate. It could be the endocrine system problems I have are a result of toxins, which also caused my scalp sensitivity and maybe even my fear of dolls. Who knows?
Now, to try to turn all this musing stuff around: I would like to put more energy into directing my mind at what I want from life, rather than what I'm not getting.

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