Monday, July 18, 2005

July in the Pacific Northwest

Today it was really hot today, a change from what it has been. I took Christopher to the park and we were so listless, it took us an hour to get through what would have normally taken 15-20 minutes. Carrying a diaper bag, a two year old, lunch, and water can be exhausting in the heat. But we did have fun looking at the animals there -- it's a small farm park, with chickens, sheep, a turkey, goats, ponies, a donkey, an alpaca, and some horses, among others. Chris was getting tired, but he really didn't want to leave (as usual), so after we ate lunch, we went back and looked at the animals. He also had to climb this tower thing they have there, that has a tin roof -- an boy was it hot! I picked him up to carry him down and he stiffened, which meant he had pooped -- so I had to change his diaper in the heat. Yuck! And he cried because I took away a stick he had -- because he was poking me in the face with it while I tried to change him. Whew! I still think he may be outgrowing his nap.

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