Friday, December 09, 2005

I keep losing weight -- now it's starting to worry me!

I weighed myself today, and I'm down to 138. That may not seem that light for a woman, but I'm usually more like 180, although since having ds it was more like 150. What were all those other12 pounds about? They couldn't all be yeast and bacteria! I am so slim I keep having to buy smaller sized jeans. I'm down to a 12 now, and even they are a bit loose! I eat butter and cheese and avocado and full fat yogurt and olive oil and cod liver oil, but it's not enough. I think I need to start making muffins again with nut flour, that made me put on weight, especially with some butter or cashew butter on them.

I've been giving ds enzymes from the health food store, and they seem to be making him a bit cranky. Either that means he needs less of them or we need to switch brands.
DS is doing so much better overall. He actually let an employee push the shopping cart with him in it the other day, something totally unheard of before. Not sure if it's the diet, the homeopathic remedy, or just getting older. I'm thinking of reintroducing grains soon to see if it will make any difference for him. Maybe starting with soaked grains made into sourdough bread, just to make them more digestible. With a good quality enzyme, I think. I do hope he's getting better, I really don't want to be on this diet forever. It's too high maintenance!

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