Friday, January 06, 2006

"heath facts and fears" -- This site is so hyped!

I was just reading this website after seeing an editorial in the paper the other day by these guys, and it really amazes me. They seem to think that just blanket statements about how science, and scientists, don't believe that vaccines are harmful, for example, are enough to prove that anyone who is anti-vaccine is an idiot who wants to return to the dark ages. Ditto for
low carb diets, raw milk, toxins, etc. How on earth do they sleep at night? I hate to even create a link to this website, as it makes their count go up, but couldn't leave it alone. Where are the links to studies supporting their positions? Medical journals? How about anything showing that the research against vaccines is shoddy? How about some real arguments, with facts to back them up? How can the autor(s) assert so much with so little background information?

Does anyone else get the feeling this site is funded by the pharmaceutical industry?


tenpenny said...

Hi Jen, I was a Mom like you. We lived on a farm , and rented an acre in Colorado. We rasied four children, who I nursed all for over a year each. I understand your depression since it was a serious issue for many of the same reasons. My oldest Daughter is 37 and is a stay at home Mom too, and nursing her first daughter, my first grand daughter! I agree with with your interests, and would enjoy talking via the blog. Take care Annie

Jen-Jen said...

Hey that's great! And great that you are still around to see your grandchildren -- my own mom passed over ten years ago now, so my ds doesn't get to meet her, at least not in this lifetime.
Where is your blog?