Thursday, March 01, 2007

gratitude and joy entry for today, 3/1/07

I am so grateful for my loving husband who did the dishes for me tonight, and also got ds ready for bed (except the teeth brushing, book, and nursing, LOL).
I am endlessly grateful for my wonderful, imaginitive, intelligent, sweet little son.
I am very grateful for my friend Becka, who came over today with her beautiful daughter.
I am grateful for my brothers, who have been there for me over the years.
I am grateful for the sun that came out today.
I am grateful for my Aunt Janet, recently returned from a trip to the South Pacific, who emailed me today. I am picturing her grandson, my cousin, healing from some illnesses that he has had recently.
I am grateful to the earth, for providing us with delicious food.
I am grateful for having a computer to write this on.
Cooking black bean soup brought me great joy, as did eating it.
Seeing ds playing with his friend brought me joy.
Holding ds in my lap brought me joy.
Kissing dh when he came home brought me joy.
Seeing dh and ds play together brought joy to my heart. They have so much fun together!


tenpenny said...

Hi Jen, It's spring again, and the sense of wonder at creation is everywhere, even in thsi dingy old mineing town of Naturita Colorado. I too followed a similar path, and shared the same interests. Thanks for your posts...

Jen-Jen said...

Hi tenpenny, nice to hear from you. It's gray and rainy here lately, but we have flowers on some of the trees!

Thanks for the comment! Take care!