Friday, June 29, 2007

On the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

I can't really explain the ways I have come to love it here, other than to say that it's gorgeous here and so open.

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wintemp said...

for your husband...I too have recurring iritis and have gone through all the regimens posted on various med sites (blood & urine tests, xrays chest & back, and steroid injections in the eye). As you're aware, they only treat the symptom, they do not cure. By accident I found a cure for myself where outbreaks end after a day or two instead of 6-8 wks with relief of pain in 2-4 hours.
Try the antihistamine Hydroxyz HCL 25mg. It is a presription drug. When an outbreak occurs take a pill. If after 2 hours pain is still present or increasing, take another pill. Once pain is under control, take pill about every 4 hours based on pain level. Pain is usually gone in 2-8 hours. Outbreak gone after a day or two. I only take a pill if the pain is obviously returning/intensifying. Once the eye is on the mend, I stop taking the pills. So far I've only had to take 2-10 pills during an outbreak depending on intensity of pain.
Side affects of the pill is drowsiness. You can still function, but you're definitely in a haze. I shake the effects after 12-24 hrs.
Hope this helps.