Monday, June 04, 2007

Visualize World Peace -- how would it look?

You know the bumper sticker, "Visualize World Peace"? My mom probably had it on her car, at least at some point. Anyway, what do you think it would look like? What would a world without war be like? Where would we be spending our time, energy, and money? Would countries use just the United Nations (expanded greatly, to deal with the increased use), or would there be smaller bodies around the world for conflict resolution? What would the groups that are currently at war with another do with their time? How would they relate to one another?

What would our government look like if it weren't constantly fighting wars around the world? Where would the money be going instead? Would we be coming up with alternatives to fossil fuels? Inventing new ways to communicate? Open up your imagination and set up some expectations to demand of our government. We have to start somewhere, and it makes sense to me that we should be solving our problems, like health issues (increasing allergies and developmental disabilities, illnesses like AIDS), energy sources, food sources, and clean air and water.

The next Manhattan Project should be about creating a better world.

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stacy said...

you know my vision of world peace involves people living their lives without government control. As long as governments exist (ie, organized exploitation of the many for the benefit of a few), there will continue to be war. But people, individuals, don't want war. If allowed to make our own decisions without the government and other institutions constantly telling us what to do, would anyone choose war? I think not. I envision a world where communities work together making sure nobody lacks for anything they really need, where people are not afraid of other people, where everyone has the ability to look within themselves to know the difference between right and wrong. In short, people following their hearts and living in harmony with each other.