Thursday, May 01, 2008

Autism is Reversible!!

There's a movie called "Autism Yesterday" out that they showed at a local Unitarian Church here recently -- I didn't see it, but I did look at the trailer. It talked about the environmental causes for autism (vaccines, toxics, etc.), and apparently talked about some of the folks who have found that their children no longer showed signs of autism after various alternative treatments (diets, detox, etc.). I am interested but skeptical. I wonder if it's available free somewhere? I'm not paying $20.00 to be sold some supplements by some company. But maybe Generation Rescue, the maker of the movie, really is just a group of concerned parents (as their website states they are). They do have Jenny McCarthy on their side. And I do know people who have reversed their children's autism spectrum disorders with diets, supplements, or a combination of things. Amazing are the moms who have gone through multiple treatment plans and finally gotten their kids healthy enough that they can eat a semi-normal diet without any problems.

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