Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Why I Don't Support the Troops"

This letter from a reader of the Berkeley Planet newspaper got me to thinking about how I feel about the military. I see all the time those yellow ribbon things saying "support the troops" and remember even peace activists saying "support our troops by bringing them home." I have never felt that way. I just realized that the reason that I didn't like the strategy of saying that you can support the people in the military and at the same time not support war is that I think that anyone who is in the military has signed up to participate in war. How is this any better than becoming a gang member and shooting other gang members? I know that there are people who feel that the military is a way out of poverty, but there are other, more constructive ways. I support anyone who is willing to work for peace, and that does not include soldiers. If you want to use a gun, take up target shooting or something.


chris farrell said...

There never will be a time when we don't need military power. The only reason the cold war was a cold war was that both sides had the threat of retaliation. We need to be able to use military power as a threat to hopefully get people to back down before starting anything, and if they do so anyway, retaliate with trained troops.....there's never going to be a time that we don't need to use force. It just has to be done wisely.

Jen-Jen said...

Most of the time, our country uses the threat of military action to further the goals of the corporations that have a political and financial stranglehold on the government. This is true for the Middle East as well as other regions.

chris farrell said...

yeah, true.